The Shoe Series – Fashion Shoes

Fashion footwear plays a prominent role in a person’s life. Besides costume, shoes are the other contributing factor to one’s fashion. Good fashion shoes transform the wearer’s personality. Fashion shoes of new design and variety flood the market each day.

Some fashion footwear cover the entire foot, some even reaching ankle length. Apart from being stylish, they also protect the feet.

Features of Fashion Shoes

Fashion footwear is featured with well stitched accent on both sides. They not only provide comfort, but also increase the shoe’s life span. Dual-density mid soles are offered on both sides of the shoe to reduce heal strike stress.

The outsoles prevent the wearer from slipping, providing excellent traction. They also offer additional stability to the wearer while walking.

The external layer and mid soles of fashion shoes are comprised of single density soft leather polyurethane. Made of distress premium leather, they are flexible and bend comfortably in the direction of the foot, reducing stress due to long time wear.

Perfect dot accents offer a breezy wing tip look. The inner portion of the shoe is lined with elastic panels and smooth leathers on both sides.

Smooth, flat dress leather outsoles with traction pads are provided near cushioned insole. They are made of modern style smooth suede or calf leather.

Manufacturing Materials

Fashion footwear is composed of many materials such as rubber, leather, etc. These are used in shoes depending on the climatic conditions, the raw material available, and comfortability of the user. However, the principal material used to make them is leather.

Another important material used for the manufacture of fashion shoes is synthetic rubber as it offers waterproof, hard wearing soles. Plastics are used too, especially in the upper part. Selecting a good fashion shoe suiting your personality helps you carry off well in high profile events.